Scope Creep

As mentioned previously, scope creep was an issue with our school’s PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supoorts) implementation.  Scope creep quickly became an issue. New items were being constantly added to the to do list and the project quickly got out of control and the to do list became bigger and bigger at each check in.  Initially team members were assigned various tasks to complete within the project. The team would meet back to share and discuss and then make changes.  Our principal would disregard the efforts and group consensus and put in something random that she found online.  This led to team members feeling as though their input was not valued.  Dr. Stolovitch discussed the importance of taking the emotion out of a project from the beginning by managing expectations.

The project could have been successful with proper management to control scope creep.  Making a list of all tasks and prioritizing them would have assisted in keeping scope creep at bay and the project’s timeline in order.  Having everyone sign off on a statement of work would have also been beneficial.  It would have been a great point of reference to reiterate what was agreed upon at the beginning.

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